Witcher novelist Andrzej Sapkowski says he doesn't owe games anything, but Metro 2033 author Dmitry Glukhovsky thinks games made them both.


God fucking damn it. Why are so many old-school fantasy authors so full of shit? It isn't a strong opinion to claim there's no worth in X: it's just rhetorical bile. Sapkowski even admits he's full of shit:

    If I don't sell the rights to an adaptation, I may not afford rent. Not to mention beer.

Oh look. It makes money for your old ass, doesn't it? Can't make rent off your precious classic of a fantasy novel alone? Boo fucking hoo.

...god damn it.

I first got into a rant involving an old fuck of a writer back when I learned that George Whoeverthefuck, the one that wrote A Song of Fire and Ice, despised fanfiction. Not just was neutral to it or had a distaste for a particular reason - despised, because it's apparently "bad exercise for aspiring writers in terms of developing skills in world-building and character development". Look at my goddamn nickname. Devac might remember how I tore into that bullshit of a reason.

Now there's this guy?

He got rich and famous, and now he acts as if he doesn't have it good enough. "But they aren't my age!" How fucking lucky are you to attract so many young fans who'd waste their time on your sorry ass visiting your ComicCon booth, or wherever you reside? How lucky are you to inspire imagination and spark passion in the young souls? Ever tried talking to them - you know, like the human beings they are? get to know 'em?

And don't even get me started on how video games make for an excellent storytelling medium. The Last of Us? Planescape: Torment? Bastion? Half-Life? So many, many more. One particular point that got me was when Sapkowski started wondering where's literature in a guy walking through woods and talking to a squirrel. Oh, but to have a humanoid wolf eat a little girl's grandmother then pretend to be her is an alright literature piece, then? How about a witch who lures young children with a house made of cookie?

How a man of such poor imagination and narrow worldview got to write such a fine piece of literature is beyond me.

One less old fuck to worry about.

It's alright not to have interest in certain venues of entertainment. I never had interest in alcohol. Some of the people I know never wanted to solve sudokus. But then to pour buckets of dirt onto it, especially when those venues were the ones to make you what you are today? That's narcissism. There's probably even a name for when a nobody gets famous and goes haywire.

I can go on, but I don't want to. Fuck this guy. Glukhovsky's my man. I gain respect for the guy just for saying "he's an arrogant motherfucker", let alone his views on creativity and art.

posted by rezzeJ: 431 days ago