So, last week I managed to crack my Tubus Cargo rack by being a cheapass and trying to bend coldset it to fit onto my threespeed while my touring bike is parked pending repairs.

Then, having wrecked a $100 rack by being a cheapass, I naturally went looking for an old rear rack at the local used bicycle shop so I wouldn't have to lug my ulock around in my backpack (as the damn thing is just over 4.5 lbs) and ended up leaving with a pair of Wald baskets.




Also PITA to mount.

But it was so gratifying to be able to take all of the recycling to the center in one trip. Take a small amount of care when piling shit into the baskets and then voila: you have a reasonably flat surface to strap more shit to!

It's also a great way to start conversations with all the old hippies turned townies we have around here. "Sweet rig, maaaan."

Weighs an ungodly amount, though.

I'm pretty pleased with how they've turned out.


Nice! Never have a sweaty backpack swamp ever again.

posted by keifermiller: 489 days ago