Didn't hear anything new of note this week. Been listening to a lot of Sex Gang Children and Battle of Mice


I saw a lot of people express their grief and sense of loss when Bowie and Prince died.

Since they didn't appeal to me I never listened beyond what I heard at parties, on the radio or ...wherever.

On Friday I read that Mika Vainio died - apparently an accident in France.

I finally know how those people felt. I'm absolutely GUTTED. He was only 53. For fuck's sake.

So this weekend I put together a playlist of all his musical projects that I have in my collection and I've been slowly going through it. At about 40 hours long it's going to take a while. Thank god he was so prolific with his side projects and collaborations. Maybe not quite at the level of Bryn Jones or Richard James but he's left a really substantial legacy for those of us that enjoy his music.

Here's a small random sampling of some of his work.


Pan Sonic - Lataus

Pan Sonic - Vapina

Pan Sonic - Johto 2

Ø - Helium

Ø - Heijastuva

Mika Vainio - Magnetosphere

Mika Vainio - Cranes

Philus - Kuvio 3

Philus - Acidophilus

Kentolevi - Keimola

Tekonivel - Klovnit

Vainio / Väisänen / Vega - Incredible Criminals

IBM - The Oval Recording Side D

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