As if this wasn't bad enough. I recently got my hands on with a bunch of Godzilla DVDs, including Godzilla 2000 and a Godzilla x Space Godzilla/Godzilla x Destroyah DVD double pack, among others. Long story short, I am discovering to my horor that there are no Japanese language tracks for these particular titles and the about 25% of the picture has been cut off. Fuck. I know I got these for cheap, so I really shouldn't complain, but really? If you have any respect for films, even Kaiju films, you wouldn't do something like this.

Watching Godzilla x Space Godzilla as I type this. Never seeing it before. I'm having fun, but I feel robbed. I'm gonna have to save up and get better DVDs, maybe even Blu-Rays, and keep these as loner copies.

. . . English voice over suuucks.

Baby Godzilla sucks. Still better than Minilla/Minya.

Edit: Space Godzilla looks awesome as hell.

Edit 2: 🏢🏣🏭🔥🐊

posted 1180 days ago