So I'm coming home from the grocery. I pull up to out apartment gate (the complex has a gate that needs a clicker) as I'm approaching and the gate is opening, inside the gate there's a kid about 10 walking his small white dog. He rushes out the gate as it's opening and runs up to my car. He looks like he's about to open the passenger door, then thinks twice, and decides to open the REAR passenger door and get in the back seat. With his dog.

I'm like "kid, what are you doing?"

He says something like "let's go" and "let's go get mom".

I'm like "Who are you? I don't know you. Get out", thinking perhaps he has just mistaken me for someone still. He's acting like it's all some sort of game though, and it's hard to get him to make much sense at all.

He won't get out, so I get out of the car and walk to the rear door to tell him to get out and take his dog with him. At this point he reaches over the front seat and grabs the gate clicker from the visor. Once he has that he gets out and goes back inside the complex, still saying something like "let's go" or some crap.

I follow him into the complex in my car. He's nice enough (I guess) to open the gate for me again since it's closed and he has my clicker.

I follow him into the complex in the car along side him, trying to get him to tell me his name, where he's from where are his parents, WTF is wrong with him, etc. At first he says he's from [next city over] and I try to ask him what he's doing here, how he got here, etc., and say I'll help him if he gives me the freaking clicker back because he's still holding it hostage.

Eventually I get to a place where I can stop the car and get out and try to grab the clicker from him. So I'm following him around on foot. He's not at all shy or afraid of me but he won't let me get the clicker from him. We alternate between me holding the dog's leash and him.

Later he says he lives in [this city] as I'm still trying to get him to give me the clicker. He says at least one thing that sounds like it could be Tagalog, and he looks like he could be Filipino. There's no one around to ask "do you know who the fuck this kid is?" I'm just about ready to call 911 and let them sort it out.

Eventually, while walking further from my car, a group of people can been seen walking towards us. Finally he wants to give me the clicker back and GTFO of there, still like it's all a game. I walk up to the group and ask them if they know who the kid is. No luck. I keep following the kid to see if I can find his parents. He walks into an apartment. I ring the doorbell. I can hear him running around inside, but nobody else is there. Regardless, I know where he's staying so I can go back there tonight and ask some adults what the hell happened.

What the fuck.

Is this kid disabled or insane or something? Why were there no adults watching a kid like this? How exactly do I field a conversation with the parents like this when I go back later?


Wow. That was entertaining to read.

A lot of the time, life forces us into habits and predictable routines. But this sounds incredibly jarring. I bet all your senses were alive.

posted by zebra2: 684 days ago