After complaining about X-Com 2, I thought I could try to start a more positive games discussion.


Tera. F2P MMO, that's more fun than I expected, mainly thanks to action-game combat (rather than you and an enemy yelling numbers at each other). Cons: Social tools are surprisingly poor (it is literally impossible to do a lot of the early content in a party), fucked up gender politics (the female characters' armor is, shall we say, impractical).

Northgard. This one surprised me...I was not impressed during my first 10 or so minutes, as it seemed overly simplistic. But it's quite a bit of fun; kind of a mixture of Battle Realms and Settlers. Cons: still early, so not a ton of content yet, and does virtually nothing to teach you how the game works.

This Is the Police. Picked it up on sale, and so far I'm really underwhelmed. Tries to be story-heavy, but the story is mediocre, while so far the gameplay is far too simplistic to be really engaging. Going to give this one more play session.

Stellaris. A friend had said to wait for this one until they expanded the late game, and apparently the new expansion did just that. Currently on sale on Steam. It's a space 4X by Paradox, but not as complicated as EU or Victoria. Lots of really cool ways to customize your species, and does some cool things in the late game in terms of events that help that stage not get boring.


Minecraft. Started a fresh world to explore. Haven't made a bed yet, so I am posting this while I wait for daylight in game.

posted by johnnyFive: 435 days ago