There was a recent thing I saw regarding how to end segregation, and it basically said all we have to do is prefer a little diversity and not like being in groups just like we are.

I set up a 90/10 ratio and set it so that all groups prefer at least half to be like them, but not more than 80%.

What happened is that there were a bunch of sad members of the 10% jumping around making the 90% happy wherever they went.

We can't solve our problems by desegregation of cities like this, we have to do it by way of connecting people in ways they aren't currently. If the black communities had wealth, if they had investment, if they had what they needed to thrive they'd be perfectly fine. They don't, that's the problem.

Secondly, you have a lot of people who don't know or understand those communities, including yours truly. In order to really get people together we have to fix that, somehow, and make people want to or just be exposed to these other areas in a positive way, seeing them as "allies" rather than enemies of any form.

Desegregation will not be good for black people surrounded by those who are unlike them. Segregation isn't good for the people living in poverty in ignored areas. That's the issue, more than anything else, I think. Fix the poverty and the ignorance, and things will improve.

I think the best option is to be "a bit segregated" with areas of high/about 50+/50- black/white makeup in cities and other areas where that sort of thing is able to happen. This allows some level of "bonding" between cultures, and reduces the impact of people living their life as a minority group in their local community.

Also, a move to focus more power at the hands of local (not state) governments would be great in tandem with that, such as the ability for those communities of around 50/50 to decide what course of actions are best for them, else many states will continue abusing their power to put down those who are poor or in minority groups.

posted 1059 days ago