Naguib finds meaning in every battered toy and scrap of paper. He lists his collections as if they were old lovers.

    "I collect photography — I love paper and ephemera and books and magazines," he says, searching for a vintage framed Playboy centerfold that is a particular favorite.

    "As you see," he continues, there are "locks and keys and clothes and lighters and cigarettes and bottles. I like tiles, I like architectural pieces. Everything is wonderful. I am sure I have more dresses and hats and handbags than you and all your friends."

    . . .

    "Sometimes I buy a collection of letters," he says, "three or four hundred letters, and I get to know these people and I get to love these people."

Dala, I have a new hero.


But if I do that, it's "you have too much crap" and so on and so forth. ;P

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