From the This American Life / Serial people. I just finished episode 3 and I'd be interested in what you guys think of it.

Edit: oh! Only now do I see the #trypod post. cgod b_b, some thoughts?


I finished it today, and thought it was fantastic. It wasn't the show I thought I was going to get, but it was one I loved nonetheless. I'll do my best to avoid spoilers here - but I'm eager to discuss the show with someone.

I was really hyped going in thinking I was going to get another Serial season 1 - this is not that at all, but by the time I figured that out the show had me hooked anyway.

I found myself connecting to the cast (do you call real people part of a cast?) in ways I never expected I would going off of the teasers & promotion for the podcast. Particularly John - maybe it's just because the show is about him, but his story brought feelings back up to the surface that I hadn't felt in years; it was a moving experience for me.

I would definitely recommend the show to anyone on the fence about it; but I'll say one last time that it is not the show the teasers made it out to be.

(Also this is my first comment on Hubski! So - hi Hubskiteers! This seems like a great community, I hope to get to know you all!)

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