EDIT 1: CNN has cut away from the discussion to cover Trump's tweets. Yahoo.com is doing pretty good so far.

Guys, there is some MAJOR testimony going down right now. Get goin' on this, we need to wrap our heads around it:

They are discussing Russian trolls, in our government chambers. I'm OK with this.

Just wait for the press releases. I'll edit things.


Nothing is going to happen as a result. Nobody who has actually done wrong will get in trouble. Nobody who directed or enabled others to commit wrongdoing will get in trouble.

Theater, pure and simple. Meanwhile our public servants are selling off the citizenry to the first schmuck with a blank check.

But it's all those other guys that are crooked, my representatives are upright, law-abiding progressives doing their best to represent the best interests of the people of the great state of Michigan.

posted by am_Unition: 449 days ago