The Sunday marches came in response to a call from Aleksei Navalny, an opposition leader and anti-corruption campaigner. Mr Navalny recently released a film alleging that Dmitry Medvedev, the prime minister, has used charities and shell companies to amass a collection of mansions, yachts and other luxuries. The video has been watched nearly 12m times on the internet, and Mr Navalny implored his followers to take to the streets demanding answers.

    Demonstrators reprised slogans from the 2011-12 Bolotnaya protests, chanting “Russia without Putin” and “Russia will be free!” The authorities met them with riot police and vans. Human-rights groups say more than 700 people were arrested in Moscow alone, including Mr Navalny. On March 27th a court sentenced Mr Navalny to 15 days in jail for organising an unauthorised demonstration.


I followed the protests throughout yesterday, mostly via several Telegram channels and Twitter. Here are some photos from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other cities across the country.

Navalny being arrested:

Some younger protestors:

My hometown (haven't been back there since 2013):

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