I don't think I can bear to finish it. Never mind that the plot is poorly constructed and unfolds with almost zero sense of urgency or enthusiasm, the fight scenes are so bad that for a television series based on a comic that's inspired by Kung-Fu and Wu Xia films, it's a near insult to the genre. The choreography in many of the fights are poorly planned out and poorly shot. A short list of greivences off the top of my head, with spoilers . . .

Claire Temple, a woman untrained in martial arts, competently takes on armed attackers with tiger claws. Here's a quick thought experiment, if I gave you a pair of brass knuckles and told you to take on a man armed with a sword, how well do you think you'd do? Fucking exactly.

Danny Rand and Davos are at one point under a dog pile of men, which through sheer forced they throw off. Fuck no. Fantastic hypothetical situations and myths aside, people aren't going around every day shrugging off four 150+ lb. men, let alone throwing them across the room.

There's the grevious fight sin of having an attacker rush up to the hero, immediately stop three feet away, then stand there, squared off and undefending to receive his punishing blows.

Telegraphed attacks and haymakers. Telegraphed attacks and haymakers everywhere.

You can't tell me that a fucking swat team is gonna be taken down by an unarmed man, a poisoned woman, and the previously mentioned, woefully undertrained Claire Temple when they have a tactical advantage.

Ugh. Fuck. Seriously. If you're gonna spend that much money on a series, do a better job.

Fucking pallet cleansers to make you feel better about martial arts films after such a shit show . . .

Fist of Legend

Kung Fu Hustle

Enter the Dragon

Ong Bak

Drunken Master

John Wick

johnnyFive, you see this show yet? You teach Kung Fu. What are your thoughts?


For the past week, my Facebook feed has had at least one article a day slagging on Iron Fist.

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