It's been a while since we've done something like this!

I rethink and/or rearrange my desk frequently and now that I have a great Ergotron monitor arm, my desk is finally as empty as I hoped. So much room for activities!

Tagging galen because I recall you liked seeing people's work spaces too.


galen, if you like "un-cleaned" stations then you are in for a goddamn treat with mine.

Behold, the shithole.

O! gaze upon the standing desk made from some dresser drawers; the scarves duct taped to a chimney; the comically small screen of my computer; the electric guitar that its owner left here when he moved out and has yet to retrieve.

Behold! the island of misfit keys - the odds, the ends. The room's aesthetic: in a word, rugs. In a second word, bikes.

So untuned, so unheated. Truly a return to the elements.

posted by veen: 461 days ago