We are going to try an experiment.

Starting today, when you sign up for Hubski, you will be able to comment immediately, but you cannot post until you have earned your first hubwheel.

Importantly, there are now three ways that you can earn your first hubwheel:

1. As before, if your commenting activity is appreciated by the community, you will gradually earn a full hubwheel.

2. If one of your comments is badged, you will earn a full hubwheel.

3. If someone with a hubwheel chooses to, they can promote you to a full hubwheel at any time.

For those of you that have earned one or more hubwheels, you will now see a 'promote' link over the comments of new users. Simply click on it to give them a hubwheel.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.

EDIT: I don't think that 'promote' is the best word. Definitely open to suggestions there. Circledot?


Hell yeah global finally works way to go!

posted by hubski: 10 days ago