Speaking from experience, the way California and Washington have priced surge pricing fucking sucks. It effectively pushes the indigent out of carpool lanes and provides a marvelous, wide banzai road for motorcyclists. Traffic on the 110 got radically worse with surge pricing and the pricing model executed by Washington State was onerous enough that Republicans sacked the transportation secretary over it.


Surge pricing sounds like a great idea if you forget that actual poor people exist.

    In the United States, the most common objection is that road pricing is regressive: Rich people get to drive alone while the masses huddle on a bus.

Man, I don't know how the author can write this and then just not address it, as if it was only a PR problem. Truly poor people are not just weird cost-averse folks who can be tricked into surge pricing being a thing with Uber, because they probably can't afford Uber, either.

posted by kleinbl00: 403 days ago