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This seems like an opportunity begging for both sides to pick what they want from the event and solidify tribal allegiances. Exhibit A) Charles Murray is a cantankerous son of a bitch, an old school traditionalist who thinks what'll help the have-nots is a heaping pile of personal responsibility. Want proof? Look at how well white families have performed in the past. QED. Exhibit B) Liberals are pants-on-head retarded and can't even listen to someone before rioting and injuring a registered Dem faculty member of one of the most liberal colleges on earth.

I've read a few things by Murray, so I'm 10% qualified to speak on my disagreements with him. He's got a few good ideas. Some bad ones, which unfortunately have a lot of currency in conservative social circles. That said, there is still an unproductive tendency for (some/a lot... not sure the proportion) college-aged liberals to boil over red with anger and shut down all non-emotional faculties when confronted with conservative viewpoints. I understand that there is an incalculable cost associated with the unchecked racism that runs through the country's history, but Charles Murray was just vindicated for the rest of his life and I don't see how that helps.

edit to add: I've been thinking about how little I've managed to do in the wake of Trump--excluding all writing on the Internet as that has next to zero real world benefit--and I'm really dismayed. I have excuses like that I'm busy (college, buying a house) but they feel cheap. And when I think about the trapped feeling that most of my peers feel, rioting against the system and protecting the disenfranchised seem less condemnable.

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