Why does my start menu contact the Fucking internet? The biggest hate I have for Win10 is that they are trying to push a mobile interface onto a desktop PC. Mobile users and desktop users are two different breeds of end users who use their 'computers' for different tasks.



    "these are suggestions", "this is a promoted app", "we thought you'd like to know that Edge uses less battery than Chrome",

"You can open this with Pages" "Sign in with your MobileMe" "Would you like to try Safari instead?"

Windows 10 is about as intrusive as Snow Leopard, which was 5 revs ago for OS X.

    When Windows 10 first hit computers without a price tag, questions were asked about what the hidden cost might be.

Uhhhhh.... who's still selling operating systems? Apple? Nope. They gave that up with Lion. Red Hat, I guess? But how many flavors of Linux are free? When Windows 10 hit without a price tag, that was post-Ballmer-era Microsoft recognizing the economics of the situation they were in. Why do you think they pushed so hard into Hardware?

    Seriously... who would think that in order to hide the OneDrive ads, you'd need to flick a toggle labeled Show sync provider notifications?

Anyone who googled it?

Seriously. As a recent returnee to Windows, y'all are some alarmist, delicate little flowers. XP was a piece of shit, Vista was a piece of shit, 7 was a confusing piece of shit, 8 was an abominable piece of shit, and 10 is a piece of shit that doesn't cost anything.

    Microsoft has found itself in court on more than one occasion for anticompetitive behavior with Internet Explorer,

And oh holy fuck has the world changed since. Microsoft got busted for bundling Explorer with Windows. The App Store? Sure, no problem. That says more about how the world has changed than how shady Microsoft is.

If Microsoft is "disgustingly sneaky" then how is it you can turn off ALL this shit without resorting to any hacking?

posted by francopoli: 435 days ago