Nazis and eugenics is like vintage so it's cool yeah? Now you may be required to submit to genetic testing and disclose medical records, so good luck getting rid of that depression without a job!

    Rigorous studies by researchers not tied to the $8 billion wellness industry have shown that the programs improve employee health little if at all. An industry group recently concluded that they save so little on medical costs that, on average, the programs lose money. But employers continue to embrace them, partly as a way to shift more health care costs to workers, including by penalizing them financially.

Redditor links Virginia Foxx, the bills sponsor, with funding from a genetic analytical software company.


On the drive home from Cars and Coffee today, Dala and I were listening to a podcast about the cultural ethics behind studying the DNA of Black Americans and American Indians. They touched on issues of power dynamics, how this information could be utilized, etc. Listening to it made me think about this post almost immediately. This strikes me as something that could subtly lend itself to hiring discrimination in ways that people might not expect.

posted by Cedar: 279 days ago