So this is where the Republicans find themselves: trying to pass a bill that's unpopular with the right for compromising too much with ObamaCare and unpopular with moderates for inflicting too much pain on voters. And they're doing all of this while groping around in the dark because Ryan wants to keep the CBO out of the loop (no doubt partly out of fear of provoking even more opposition — from the party's deficit hawks, for example).

    It's a mess — and a completely self-inflicted one.

    And that's without even mentioning the extra-large serving of Republican mess that is Donald Trump.


Or, if you'd like it a little more strident, this is how the plan will die.

    With a mere seven years to prepare for this moment, Paul Ryan and the rest of the GOP leadership came up with something that's both a policy nightmare and a political catastrophe.

My favorite exchange so far:

    Charles C. W. Cooke‏Verified account @charlescwcooke Mar 7

    I’ve yet to read a single positive analysis of the House’s Obamacare bill.

    @charlescwcooke try going 2 a conservative source? Open up your reading habits 2 include those w/ whom u would naturally dismiss

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