We all knew it was coming, right? Everybody in the Trump campaign had their own conversations with the Russians, and now it turns out that even Trump himself met with Kislyak at ... waaaait for it .... an invite only event!

Thank you everyone for coming. Please use the exits at the back, as the next show is in 5 minutes... thank you very much... yes, you too... thank you... thanks... keep moving...


Trump is clueless, do you really think he knows who he is meeting with? He's the birthday boy, the adults make a big fuss over him, give him balloons and cake, then do all the real work around him, letting him do ceremonial "big boy" things like signing orders or gasp letting him have his own phone and Twitter.

It's a lot of responsibility, I hope he takes good care of it and maybe mummy and daddy will download a new game for it, maybe even Angry Birds!

posted 1213 days ago