previously, on Veen Messes Around with Lasers:

I've been playing around more with the laser, getting to know it a bit better. I have a ton of ideas so I got myself some 5mm wood and redid the laser. Since the wood was thicker used a much higher power setting, resulting in a bit more scorched look:

kleinbl00 wondered out loud why nobody had ever tried to make a compass out of the hubski logo. Cue fast paced montage of me prototyping that idea:

And this is the end result!

Hubski: guiding your way.

I made six of those, three thick Hubski logos and still have three thinner Hubski logos.

So here's what I'm gonna do: the first 12 people to PM me a screenshot of their donation to hubski surpassing $10 and an address via PM will get one from me. I'll cover the postage.

First come first serve! I'll try and keep this thread updated with how many I still have left of each.

In case you don't feel like giving your cc info to Stripe, you can also send me the equivalent in ether to:

and I'll pass it on.

OftenBen Want -> get?

mk send me an address ya bollock


The compass looks most badass. I can't spare the 600 RUB, but if I could, I'd put the compass on the wall or something.

posted by veen: 497 days ago