This time I have decided to make something on my own terms. It's not abstract and since most of my drawing experience was directed by biology and anatomy I went for flowers. I don't think that I bad with pencil drawings

but I have never attempted painting them. Here is the result of my exercise:

Colours were slightly enhanced by my roommate to compensate for the atrocious camera that I own (and lighting in our room for that matter). Also, this time I wasn't adding any crazy chemistry to the exercise so it turned out to be a lot more controlled.

I have to say that I really like painting so far. I'm still crunching kleinbl00's points about art, expression and style. I think that just as with music, I am too focused on the technical aspect of playing and composing and while I can play pretty damn well, it lacks that personal touch. It's going to be a big deal as, despite nowaypablo's advice about learning to appreciate music, the technical side is still my main focus. For example, and perhaps ThatFanficGuy can recall the situation, I have overheard a girl next door practising the guitar. I had no problem with volume, song or anything like that. But two strings were tuned to a different frequency and it drove me crazy.

Anyway, my rambling aside, what do you think? Do you have any tips or ideas? Perhaps you have some ideas how could I get over my problem with technique?


Interesting result even in a bad quality picture. That's the problem I also have constantly: taking good shots of my work. And when I post them on Facebook, even worse. It compresses all the images...

posted by Devac: 417 days ago