Tonight I would like to record an original song. Please help by picking one of the categories below for assistance:

  1. Pick the tempo: Choose a number between 100 and 200. -- chosen by flac

  2. Pick the key signature: A, B, C, D, E, F or G. -- chosen by veen 

  3. Major or Minor? -- chosen by Devac

  4. Theme? -- chosen by Cedar

  5. Song Length: Somewhere between 1 minute and 4 minutes. --chosen by cgod. 

  6. First lyric -- chosen by zebra2

  7. Last lyric -- chosen by kb

This should be fun. Pick just one of the 7 and answer please. I'll have time tonight so, I'd appreciate some swift replies.

lil, steve, ButterflyEffect, flac, rezzeJ, insomniasexx, _refugee_, mk, kleinbl00, cW, b_b, ecib, jonaswildman, cgod, flagamuffin, veen, OftenBen, blackbootz and anyone else that is interested.

Please see comments for what, if anything, has been answered/contributed.


EDIT: Thank you all! You can hear the song here:


Tempo : 185

(PS, this seems fun. Pick a tempo and key for me and I'll throw a thing up tonight after work)

posted by thenewgreen: 453 days ago