A customer dropped these speakers off at the shop for me on my day off. He said "Put these in the tip jar" and left. I have no idea who left them aside from the a physical description (tall blond guy).

There are no markings of any kind on them. They must have been mass manufactured by the looks of the plastic. They sound pretty good at lower volumes, I haven't cranked them up yet.

They have quadrilateral symmetry with the speaker pointing up towards the ceiling.

I just switched that Realistic Amp out at the shop for a newer Dennon because the Realistic didn't have enough inputs after I added a tape player. I'm glad I did because it looks good with these kooky speakers.

I have mentioned to a few customers that I needed a set of speakers for my game room at home, lamenting the fact that I had an extra amplifier and turntable but needed to pick up something for them to play through. I guess this guy was listening with his heart.


I love everything about these. I'll see if I can find something out about them.

Edit: RCA 150X


posted by cgod: 457 days ago