My roommate was pressuring me to paint something (almost no background) and added a challenge: use as little colours that you can recognise as possible. He torments me because I'm colour blind, probably as a revenge for me whooping his arse in chess a bit too often for his liking. :P

On this painting, I can clearly see only black, blue and bits of yellow. It does not represent anything, it's just some geometry and "stay within lines" exercise. However, I was urged to share it so here it is:

For me, there is almost no contrast and if not for the lines I would not even see where I have attempted a colour change with exception of blue in the middle and yellow on the right-hand side. Certain discoloration around some of the black dots isn't a conscious doing but a result of chemistry. I have used grounded coffee soaked in concentrated acetic acid and dried with acetone vapour (don't attempt it if you don't have an access to a proper lab with fume hood, mask and goggles! That shit can cause eye and lung damage with little contact. Or at least do it outside with a proper eye, breathing and skin protection if you are so hell-bent on trying it out. You have been warned) to get a pigment shift in acrylic paint. Some of it fell off during drying.

What do you think? Should I try it again or was all of that just a waste of paint? I'm not fishing for compliments or ego-boost, be harsh and realistic. And sorry for a blueish tinge to it, that's either because of LED light or my camera is really that shitty.


As far as I'm concerned, the function of art is personal enjoyment and enrichment. It's truly the diminishing few that can make money off it; it's a greater number, but still small, that draws edification through the accolades of others.

Those last two steps come from confidence and skill, and confidence and skill come from personal enjoyment and enrichment.

Was if fun? Would you like to do it again? Because if so, I wholeheartedly encourage you to continue. Art is about discovering your style and connecting with people who appreciate it.

posted by Devac: 427 days ago