Hi there! I am a student researcher at the University of Michigan who is currently studying online communities. This week are discussion forums and I chose you guys! I've only been on the site a couple of days now, but I feel like this may be a community I stick with long after my class is finished.

In regards to my research, I was wondering if any of you could tell me what some of the contributions users can make and how they are incentivized to interact with/contribute to the community?

Also, if anyone happens to know what the total population on the website is and the total active population that would be lovely!

Thank you so much! I'm excited!



Total population: 6. It's me and five of my closest friends... and the rest of these "users" are just puppet accounts to serve our click-baiting, ad-wording, web-crawling overlords. We sit in a coffee shop in Tampa and throw yesterday's bagels at one another when we're not frantically typing away.

Incentives? We get rich, rich RICH from all of the ad revenue that pours in. We're working on a farmville integration tonight (if mk's mom will let him stay out after 7. He got grounded last week for not emptying the dishwasher.) It's tough to get around sometimes, but this coffee shop is just down the block from our neighborhood, so it's cool. kleinbl00 is the only one with a driver's license, but thenewgreen has a tandem bike when we need to get places. And don't believe that cgod guy... he just watches Florence (the lady behind the counter) and makes up shit about opening his own coffee shop in Seattle or something... and whatever you do, run for the hills if lil starts chatting you up. She'll try to convince you that poetry matters in the modern world... and also grammar and sentence structure is supposed to be important because she gives me crap about my run-on sentences and makes sure to correct our splelling all the time when we don't even ask her too but it's cool because even though she loves Tampa she pretends to also be Canadian.

so yah... welcome to hubski. Too bad you're from Michigan. We make fun of Michigan a lot around here. Some of these people even pretend to live there or be from there or something.

posted by madiatkins: 490 days ago