CBS did a poll on how Americans feel about President Trump at this point (February 12, 2017). Unlike the media narrative that has the country split between the supporters and the haters, this poll is a bit more nuanced.

The poll classified people into four groups.

There are the "believers", people who would probably be classified as the supporters. They account for 22%.

There are the "conditionals." They side with the President on condition that he does certain actions, like fixing the economy. They are 22% of the population.

There are the "curious". They're waiting to see what happens. They're on the fence about whether they support the President or not. There are 21% of them.

There are the "resisters". They are the anti-Trump people. They disagree with everything President Trump does, pretty much regardless of what it is. They make up 35% of the population.

I think it's interesting that the way this is laid out, there are more people who disagree with President Trump regardless of what he does than there are people who will support him regardless of what he does. I would not have guessed that based on what I've read about the climate of the country.


a bit discriminatory, don't you think, not to have an option for 'bicurious'

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