The town-hall meeting was 75 minutes of tense exchanges between Chaffetz and residents from across the state. They were frustrated by the Utah Republican's refusal to investigate President Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest. They doggedly pursued him for his initiatives to transfer or sell public lands. They questioned his position on immigration and refugees.


Earlier this morning I watched about 45 minutes of this 1.5 hour video.

And all I can say is that, yes, Rep. Jason Chaffee has bad ideas (selling off national parks, closing the dept of education, etc), but he was NOT the asshole in that room.

The asshole was the CROWD.

He stood there, took their shit, graciously allowed every single one of their interruptions, and answered every single question he was asked... even going so far as to offer followups for people who didn't feel their questions were answered adequately.

I don't agree with his positions, his politics, or his methods for reaching his goals, but he stood there on stage, in front of a brutally hostile audience, and honestly and openly and respectfully answered every one of their questions.

The audience was childish, unproductive, and - honestly - a bunch of total dicks.

Imagine what this town hall could have been like, if they had treated him with the same decorum and politeness that he treated them with.

Liberals: Shooting themselves in the foot since 1776.

posted by kleinbl00: 466 days ago