A while back I asked mk to let me know a song that he thinks should be written. While we were in San Francisco earlier this week he said I should write a song called, "Dr. Huxtable." Here it is, add to it. It's intentionally wide open.

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lil, I played hockey.

Dr. Huxtable

  Dr. Huxtable

Where've you been tonight

Wearing your scrubs to bed

I'm seeing double

  Dr. Huxtable

Made me remove my shoes

He keeps a clean house

I'm seeing double

  Dr. Huxtable trained with the foremost surgeons

To remove the clothes from us teeny virgins

  Dr. Huxtable

Says I'm a natural

He sees something in me

My parents are as proud as can be

  Cause Dr. Huxtable

Makes kings and queens

And his dinner parties last

Until the mornings

  He was trained by the foremost surgeons

To anesthetize us teenaged virgins

  Dr. Huxtable...

  Wears his mask at night

And his hands in white gloves

Never seem to fit him right

  Dr. Huxtable

Smiles crookedly

And his jokes fall flat when

I can't feel my own feelings

  Dr. Huxtable...


A friend of mine makes mashup mixtapes of Comedians and Musicians.

He tries to make them pithy, like Phyllis Diller and J. Dilla calling it Phyllis Dilla.

He did one of Bill Cosby and Sun Ra, not to pithy, just called Bill Ra but pretty dark and creepy.

I present to you more Cosby inspired musical Art, Sir I present to you Bill Ra!

Maybe Cosby art music could become a genera.

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