The thrilling sequel to my almost-1200-days old post:

This time with more lasers and more wood! I had a great morning where one of the volunteers at the local makerspace explained how I could get my Hubski Illustrator drawing into something, I dare say, gorgeous:

The process itself was a bit clunky - the lasercutter is an unintuitive Chinese import with a crappy Windows XP laptop to control it - but man, is it ever satisfying to watch once it's all set up.

I tried making 6 wheels. Two of them ended up not cutting right because of mistakes, but the other four turned out very neatly. As they say in Dutch, wherever one chops one will find splinters.

Here's a dope as fuck gif that shows you how it looks when it's engraving the logo

Here's another shot:

BUT WAIT, WHAT'S THAT IN THE CORNER? I also made Forever Labs cutouts! Hope you don't mind me breaching copyright stuffs. They're about the size of a poker chip. I made five, where can I send them to? mk thenewgreen b_b

There is one more thing in the background there...but that's for another day.


Oh hot damn. I'll be PMing you an address. I want one! I love the foreverandeverandeverand...

Is that gif real-time speed? That's pretty damn fast.

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