During February I plan to start reading War and Peace. It has been on my list a long time, but a college pal spoiled a plot point so I had to wait a few years to forget what he said. b_b says he will read along, anyone else interested? 2666 was a lot of fun.

It's long. More of a good thing, I figure. Among classics, it is about half as long as À la recherche du temps perdu and similar to Les Misérables, and somewhere between the modern titles Infinite Jest and Atlas Shrugged, which people apparently read.

In 2015, I bailed out on Facebook and Instagram and the rest of the socmed sinkholes. (Miss them, sometimes, but have no plans to return.) Last month I realized that without any special effort my total reading for the year jumped from about 3000 pages in 2015 to nearly hitting what used to be my annual goal of 10,000 pages in 2016.

This year I am just over my target of 30 pages per day after reading Grendel, How Not to Be Wrong, and The Annotated Alice in January. Tolstoy should get me through several weeks of commuting before bike weather returns.

I picked up a Kindle edition of the Oxford World's Classics edition, which updates the classic translation by Tolstoy's friends Aylmer and Louise Maude with some maps and many notes. Gutenberg has other digital formats, and Google Play has cheap and free editions.


I read it twice, it's wonderful, enjoy.

posted 1120 days ago