A year ago, I posted this, and wouldn't ya know it, I've gone down 40 fucking pounds! That brings me well into a healthy BMI for the first time in years. I went to my physical with my doctor who I hadn't seen in about two years and he was impressed. We joked that I had the freshman (and sophomore) -40 instead of the classic freshman 15. My blood pressure is healthy. I look noticeably better. I feel good. I'm pretty damn happy with myself right now.

Next goal - 160

What have you folks accomplished lately that you need to brag about?


Congrats :)

I got into my first preference uni. Made all those nights slogging through Shakespeare and Eliot to write pretentious essays worth it.

Get to move interstate, a good distance away from family. Orientation starts in two weeks.

I'm alternating between excitement and dread right now.

posted by c_hawkthorne: 506 days ago