It is impossible to imagine that Sandberg has absolutely nothing to say about the women’s march, that she simply didn’t notice it happened. It strains credulity almost as much as the idea that Facebook’s trending news algorithm didn’t notice it. It’s particularly remarkable given how much of the march was organized on Facebook.

    Sandberg can not or will not even acknowledge the most feminist thing that’s happened, which was largely organized on her company’s site and aligns with her stated personal political views. I’m not sure we could have clearer evidence at this point that Facebook is bending over backwards to embrace a Donald Trump world.


I think Leaning In is easy when it's a general statement. I can't think of a less controversial position than "women should be entitled an equal position in the workplace," except for maybe "racism is bad." (I grant that it was not always this way. It's good that we've come this far.)

But the position is considerably less costless now that there's a completely unpredictable administration in power. The author of the article is right for pointing out that you can't help but view this as a test for Sandberg and Facebook.

Do you want to wager what they're reaction will be? It seems we're already getting a taste of it: don't risk the ire of Trump, and before we publicly advocate an ethical worldview, let's run a cost benefit analysis.

posted by kleinbl00: 538 days ago