Update on my brother:

My brother's tumour has shrunk by about 10% per volume. That's pretty good and close to doctor's prediction, yet not good to do a surgery. He'll now get a bit of recovery before the next course. His ability to comprehend vision is much better with the right eye closed. It also seems that his humour returned, as he specifically told my parents to tell me "Yar! Guess who's gonna wear an eyepatch?". I was missing his "it could always be worse, so why be sad" type of humour.

Devac's log:

Exams go really well so far. Passed three on Friday and it drained me mentally for the bulk of the weekend. Rest will be either before or after my visit to the hospital. Course selection is done for now. Other than that, I think one thing can be best said with this IRC log:

    20:46 < Devac> holy shit, I was permitted to take a grad-level course!

    20:47 < AshleyR> \o/ \o/

    20:47 * AshleyR throws a party

    20:47 < Devac> theme: Classical Field Theory :P

    20:48 < AshleyR> Groovy

    20:48 < byonic> Nice!

    20:50 < Devac> you can act if you want to; you can leave the bounds behind; 'Cause the bounds don't act; and if they don't act; Well, they are no bounds of mine

    20:51 < Devac> Safety Lagrangian Dance :P

Also, practically breaking news as it occurred maybe half an hour ago, I have a date this Saturday. She's a philosophy student that I tutored last year. We bumped into each other after our exams in the foreign language centre. I hope that this date will be better than the last few. If she'll show up it will already be better than the last one.

With so many good news I'm getting convinced that they will find a flaming xenomorph holding an armed nuke instead of my pituitary. ;)

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