Auvi-Q, which was available in 2015 but taken off the market after dosage issues, will be available again next month. Manufacturer Kaleo has promised that the drug will be distributed for free to patients with commercial insurance, and to those without insurance and an income under $100,000. The cash price for two injectors is $360. The official list price is $4,500, but few consumers are expected to pay that much.


From a Reddit comment last week:

    Clarification here, CVS cut the retail price of the existing generic for Adrenaclick (known as Epinephrine).

    This generic has been around for a while, but isn't an A/B rated generic so it's illegal for a pharmacy to dispense this if a prescription is written for EpiPen. We can dispense this if a prescription is written for Adrenaclick or Epinephrine.

    Make sure your doctor writes a script for Adrenaclick or it is illegal for us to dispense this cheaper generic to you

    Edit: The injection device of each product is what limits the A/B rating. Adrenaclick and EpiPen have different autoinjector systems. Yes the regulations are that strict. Here's a video showing the difference between Adrenaclick, Epipen, and AuviQ (which has been recalled and discontinued).

posted by kleinbl00: 456 days ago