“I knew that many people had a goal of running seven marathons on seven continents during any time period,” Donovan, 50, said. “I felt the natural extension to this idea would be to try to achieve it within a seven-day period.”

    The challenge is a test of both physical strength and mental fitness. Sleeping on a crammed plane, adjusting to different time zones and finding food to eat (Wardian is a vegetarian) would make it an exhausting trip over a month, let alone a week.

    Sinead Kane of Ireland is aiming to become the first blind person to complete the challenge. And BethAnn Telford, a 47-year-old federal government worker from Fairfax and the only American female in this year’s mix, is using the event as a platform to raise money for pediatric cancer research.

    “Doing something like this is definitely the hardest challenge that I’ve ever done except for the chemo and brain surgery...”


I'd like to put in a plug for pushing oneself to the point of fear, and one doesn't need to run seven marathons in seven days on seven continents to do it. It's been good for me to push my bounds, and I'd encourage others to do so (safely).

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