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lil, steve played hockey

Night Before Trump

  How is the ground underneath you

Shifting feel now?

  How is the sky falling

On your plans?

  Where is the man you made

The one to save your callous hands

  Where is this place he says

You'll be great again, it never was

  I'll bet you dollars to donuts

You're face up in a dumpster

With an orange leprechaun

Singing old Scottish hymns

While you search for your dinner

He will be building your casket

And he'll promise its paid for

By the brown guys replacement

  He who walks with greatness walks alone

He who searches for greatness stands alone

He who is promised greatness

  Dies alone


I'm writing a personal letter to steve about hockey. We are both needing to play more hockey. I have NO idea how you manage to get a little hockey in given everything else -- but I guess it's either hockey or panic attacks.

Please write out lyrics if you can. I love when you do that. Oh, you were doing that as I was writing this!!

This is great.

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