Somehow, imgur thought I was a robot for the past 4 months so I could not post anything but it looks like the problem is solved (by itself, weird).

Some alley, near chinatown, NYC

Philly (cue Rocky theme)

A record shop somewhere in Philly

Waiting at Willy Mae's (america's best fried chicken)

Some record shop in New Orleans (can you guess what's my boyfriend's hobby?)

A wall, somewhere in Brooklyn

A fancy juice pressing shop in Manhattan. The bathroom.

Made a little album of the places I put the sticker when I was in the states this fall. I remember we had a map of them somewhere, anyone still has the link?

Hubsquad represent!


I love it! Hubski is part of #elizabethtravels!

One question; did you wash your hands before returning to work?

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