What are your predictions? Will he end up a dictator, manipulating the masses into defiling our constitution? Will he be the man to bring manufacturing back to the US, stripping the business-world of needless bureaucracy and enabling the entrepreneurs among us? Will he enact a registry of muslims in the US and where does that sort of thinking stop? Will he put you up against a wall?

Or... is he actually a kind man?

Did he troll the lesser among us to gain the presidency? Or is he an evil man?

What do you think? I'll share my thoughts in the comments. Let's talk...


I'll share with you what I've predicted since he entered the race... back when he "really didn't have a chance":

I predicted that he will be impeached inside of 90 days. Not for anything tyrannical, or over-the-top-crazy... but for something fairly minor and administrative. I mean - we initiated impeachment on President Clinton for lying about getting some extra-marital action... does anyone think Trump has lied about less?

That was my prediction. But that was back when I believed in a balance of power. That was when I thought congress might have a backbone. Now.... I believe that my prediction is still partially accurate: He will do something that could invite impeachment, but congress won't have the balls.

I believe, if given enough latitude, he would/could do terribly tyrannical things... but honestly, I have more faith in his bumbling idiocy when it comes to the little things. I think he'll violate some rule of law, some small statute, or hell - he might just start grabbing pussy. But nothing will be done about it. And like a child consistently pushing on his/her parents, the "rules" will slide a bit. He'll get away with more and more...

So yah... my greatest fear isn't actually singularly Trump. It's Trump and a brow-beaten congress, and a hand picked echo-chamber of a cabinet, with a Secretary of Offense, a Secretary of Private Education, a dude running a department that he committed to shut down, and a Supreme Court that may or may not challenge anything.

I don't think it will be catastrophic in the nationalist dictator way... but in 4 years time, we're all going to know some one personally (or be someone) who has been catastrophically affected by this administration's missteps.

posted by thenewgreen: 499 days ago