Despite this being my 4th or 5th take, I just can't seem to speak in the same manner I type. That's what I get for not scripting it or having a formal structure. Anywho, mid-way through, you can assume if I'm referring to 'him' or 'he', it's my best friend since he was my chauffeur for the night. Also, the two musicians were in a full band that night.

I don't tend to do much for my birthdays, so while this wasn't too much in the way of party-hardy, it was something of significance to me. Enjoy the small story, and if you're willing to share: did you have a milestone birthday of late? If so, what was yours like? Was it a big blow out, or something other?


Happy Birthday, kantos. You should save this recording. 20 years from now, it will be a rare treat.

posted by kantos: 558 days ago