I've always had a hard time reading

I've always had a hard time seeing

How one word is supposed to lead to..

My best friends brother said I have to

Get out and put one foot in front of

So I got a gig and it doesn't pay much

  All I have

Is all I have

  My father worked 40 years and

My mother worked 40 years and

I have 14 years and nothing

But I got a job at Goodwill

And I'm going to show them

  I got a job

(got a job, got a job, got a bad job)

Even though I am slightly retarded

(I'm not very smart)

(I can barely read)

(I don't think I deserve to be alive)

(I have no self esteem, I think I should die)

Now I think I should try and meet my wife

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posted by thenewgreen: 533 days ago