Friday is chocolate pancake day, so deadline pressure forced me to put something on paper between slinging batter. Here is another dog, one of Pavlov's subjects.

This took about half an hour, reminding me that getting a little practice from time to time is not such a commitment. Perhaps any artists around could suggest improvements to my method:

0-5 minutes: Assemble materials, then "What am I doing? I don't know what I'm doing. I can't do this."

5-10: Lightly pencil an outline to get the proportions right. They aren't right. Trace the iPad. Artistic license.

10-15: Eye on the left. If the eyes aren't any good, it's useless. The eye doesn't look very good by itself.

15-20: Eye on the right. The eyes are not symmetric. The eyes in the model aren't symmetric either. It's a photo of a stuffed dog. Try to be faithful to the model, to avoid making it worse.

20-25: Despair. It's awful. Snout and ears. Impossible to suggest fur with a crayon. Just trying to match tones, cheating like "Tim's Vermeer" (mk). Omit the saliva-catcher. Artistic license.

25-30: More rushed shading and finger-smudging to even out the rough lines. Show it to the kid. He looks up from Wimpy Kid and says "Wow." It's not so bad from a distance.

Earlier effort to depict a Russian dog on TNG's post:


Your dog has a pupil, but the dog on the iPad doesn't. That's your brain drawing, not your eye.

You drew a pretty good dog. Do not see fur, do not see the dog, but draw the shapes of light and dark.

posted by wasoxygen: 532 days ago