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    Also, health aides earn a median wage of $10.50 an hour. Mr. Dawson used to earn $18 an hour making railroad traction motors. “I was a welder — that’s all I know how to do,” said Mr. Dawson, who is living on disability insurance because he has rheumatoid arthritis.

New York Times Wonders Why 53-year-old White Man Refuses to Undergo 75 Hours Of Training To Earn Half His Old Salary Changing Adult Diapers


They make it seem like anybody can be a nurse or work in a hospital. I'm the only woman in my immediate family not working in healthcare, two are nurses and one is in housekeeping while my grandmother was also a nurse and it really isn't a job just anybody can do. You have to be empathetic and you have to be okay with getting shit on yourself. Not only that you have to go on break and share stories about said shit while laughing so hard you cry, it's the only way to survive. I still remember when I was a kid and my mom took me up to her floor to check her schedule. We ended up packed in this elevator and my head was at the exact height of a stretcher this paralyzed man was laying on. He stared at me drooling with the saddest look on his face and I know adults who couldn't handle that situation. My mom works in palliative care and I remember her saying after she returns from sick leave that every patient was different. A woman I used to work with mentioned that you have to be a pretty special type of person to be able to work there after she told me her husband passed away there but before I mentioned my mom worked there. Not everybody can work somewhere for probably about 30 years where people die constantly.

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