My first song of 2017. I actually like it, but I'd like it more if you'd add to it. rezzeJ, flac, coffeesp00ns, ghostoffuffle, jonaswildman

BPM 138. Key of... (you guessed it) E... but it's e-minor. That's new.

lil and steve - played some hockey... and happy new year!

This Song Isn't Safe

  This song isn't safe

Find you digging in your own skin

For the buried remains

Of a perfected childhood

This song isn't safe

No, this song isn't safe

  This song isn't safe

See you pulling out the ashtrays

Rubbing all the soot in your eyes like you mean it

And you're digging through the past

With a spoon and a mirror

Sucking on your sleeves

With your hands between your knees

  When all I wanted was a fresh day

  This song isn't safe

Your eyes will turn in

Your knees will buckle at the sound of remembrance

  This song isn't safe

  All I wanted was a new day

All I needed was a new day

All I deserved was a fresh start

  This song isn't safe

Run while you can


"I actually like this one". Yeah, well I'd hope so because this is great! 1:15 - 1:30 in particular when you layer the vocals and then drop everything, nice!

posted by thenewgreen: 775 days ago