The Hippie Tree Huggers in the US army are saying 20 million homeless and another 200 million impacted by the loss of food, land and economy due to rising sea levels. The Army is even writing papers on the looming crisis Some are starting to plan the US military response needed. The Liberal Crunchy Granola Peace Loving Free Lovers in the US Insurance Industry is writing papers PDF WARNING on how global warming is ALREADY impacting profits and warning their shareholders about the changes incoming.

But don't worry everyone. I went home on vacation and the nice people on Fox News told us all that Climate Change is bullshit, and Trump does not believe in it. So keep consuming and don't worry about the lack of snow, changing seasonal progressions, melting ice caps and rising oceans. After all God promised Noah he won't destroy the earth

(The man in that video is the chairman of the US House Environment and Energy Committee that writes US energy and environmental law)

Two weeks of being in the Fox News Bubble makes me wish it all burns to the ground and the birds and reptiles can have their shot.

posted by kleinbl00: 507 days ago