One take, with a loop pedal. Sorry to have taken 6:21 of your life...

Okay, so what are you excited for in 2017?


1. Full time at our startup! I'm amazed by how much we have accomplished in a short time and I fully expect that by the end of 2017 I'll be equally shocked by what we have achieved and where we are at.

2. I'm excited to make music!

3. I'm excited for home renovations that are upcoming

4. I'm excited to travel. Planning a trip to Iceland in August

5. I'm excited for business travel

6. I'm excited to collaborate with people on Hubski

7. I'm excited to spend more time in Michigan

8. I'm excited to meditate, run and continue my healthy diet. Feeling pretty good these days

9. I'm excited to cook more

10. I'm excited to hear more #meethubski's

11. I am excited to hang out with StJohn, kleinbl00, lil, flagamuffin, steve, ButterflyEffect, flac, cgod and others in 2017. Those are people I fully expect to see in person this year, among others.

12. I'm excited to continue this crazy journey with ecib, b_b and mk this year. What a ride!

13. I'm excited for Hubski to continue to grow

14. I'm excited to have rob05c complete the transition away from arc and to give us all a bad ass API

15. I'm excited to see what ya'll bring to Hubski in 2017. Let's make it a great year. We will need a "thoughtful web," in these uncertain times.

Be excellent!



    Planning a trip to Iceland in August

Iceland is on my short list. Easy flight from the East coast, and I've never seen the northern lights.

But you are in easy driving distance of the 2017 eclipse on August 21; don't miss it!

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