I've gorged on Brazilian music this fall and winter.

Lots of Samba and Samba/Psyche inspired stuff.

There is so much wonderful Brazilian music.

I wish I knew some old Brazilian music heads, I'd feed em liquor until they ran out of albums to play or we floated away in boozy bliss.

I have listened to a handful of Brazilian greats for years but this is the first year I left the kiddy pool and dove in to more than the most famous artists.

I'll start it off easy with a giant of Brazilian music singing in english. Tim Maia put out a shit ton of records, a dozen of so of which were self titled, it makes his catalog hard to navigate.

Now a bunch of Samba and Samba inspired stuff.

And take it out with one more Tim Maia.

It's a super long list but there is more where that came from.

posted by cgod: 538 days ago