My mother's 90th birthday is tomorrow, January 1. I'm having 50 or more people here 4:30-7:30 (senior-friendly hours). My mother said that all she wanted for her birthday was a kleyzmer band. I booked the band about 18 months ago.

I'm okay, maybe even happy, with the distribution of labour among the siblings. My younger brother said he'd order the catering. My older brother said he'd pay for it. My younger brother and his wife said they'd look after flowers. They ordered 91 white long-stem roses! omg.

My older brother said he'd bring six bottles of champagne, but at the last minute changed it to wine. His daughter is bringing 50 plastic champagne flutes.

I made the invitation with the help of mivasairski, but my older sister handled all the RSVPs, and got herself here from Nelson, BC, in the Kootneys. My daughter got the Prime Minister, our MP, and the Governor General of Canada to send letters of congratulations. The Queen only sends a letter when you turn 100. (Both the Queen and my mother are turning 100 in ten years. Will the Queen send herself a letter?) My daughter got all the letters framed and will read them aloud. She will also read greetings sent by remote cousins and others.

I'm paying for the band and providing the venue which is my house. flagamuffin has stayed here.

My mother will pay for the wait staff to do the cleaning. My step-sister will make a giant cake.

It's a great joy for me to have a relationship with my mom who has known me my entire life and actually made me. My mom has been supportive, loving, and consistent. She has buried two husbands: each one amazing, interesting, kind, and together with my mom, engaged in creating more goodness in the world.

So that will be my New Year's Day.

posted by rd95: 533 days ago