2016 was a year of transitions.

For Hubski, the most significant transition was that rob05c moved our data from the flat files of the Arc app, to a SQL database. This was a slow and arduous process, but one that has put us in a much better place.

On a personal level, 2016 was the year that I incrementally replaced my day job as a grant-supported scientist in a hospital laboratory, as the co-founder of an adult stem cell storage company. Equally important to Hubski, thenewgreen has taken this journey with me.

On top of that, insomniasexx co-created the extremely popular Ethereum application, and she and randomuser got married!

The effort that this transitional year required of myself and the team has resulted in fewer Hubski updates, and often the choice to maintain rather than build. It's fair to say that aside from the back end development, Hubski has spent much of 2016 in the horse latitudes.

For this reason, it might sound strange to hear it, but to me, Hubski feels more essential than ever.

I don't believe that I alone harbor the impression that many significant transitions are occurring around us, and the pace and interactions between them are profoundly changing our world. Most people throughout history died in the world that they were born into. That is not our lot.

Not only are we experiencing a convergence and acceleration of transitions, the extent to which we share their effects is increasing.

Hubski is not your average web app. Hubski is going to be here. Hubski is not a web app at all.

The State of Hubski is good this New Years Eve of 2016.

Happy New Year, Hubski!


Thank you for making this website, and thank you to everyone here and reading this for being here, and for all the amazing things you all have done in this past year.

See you in 2017, and with a little bit of luck, hopefully we'll break the Internet barrier and meet in person. Until next year, I wish you all the best.

posted by hubski: 562 days ago