"Huh, I only have a few more days with my family, and I haven't packed anything at all. I should probably sew a pea coat."

The pattern I used, for any interested parties.

Polka dot flannel lining, wool exterior. Still needs some finishing touches (hems, buttons, etc). My most ambitious project yet, happy with how it turned out. Going to make one for my boyfriend this week, which leads me to:


I've shipped my shit, I've winterized the beehive, I've cleaned my room, and I'm going to be in Portland in about 36 hours. Not much to say apart from that I am extremely excited - to be out of CT, to be with friends, to be able to bike again, to take my life off hiatus, to find out where cgod's coffee place is, etc etc etc.

posted by pubski: 541 days ago